Florabunda's Page Including Doll Stories, Beginning Sewing and Crafts

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This page is just for fun. I have turned it over to Florabunda, one of my small dolls. She has organized it with some stories and crafts that I have blogged about.

--Sherralyn St. Clair

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Florabunda doll

Hello. Florabunda the chief small doll here. Welcome to my web page. I've got stories for kids, sewing and craft projects. Put your cursor over one of the dolls to learn more about her. Have fun reading and working on the projects. And, look for fun surprises on this page.

Group of five dolls. Small Doll Patterns Small Doll Patterns Small Doll Patterns Princess Irene Doll Pattern Kitty Doll Patterns

Stories for Kids

Flo Reading

Reading is one of my favorite activities. I like to relax with a good book in my study. Here are some short stories for kids.

Problems with Babysitters
Problems with Babysitters Flower Icon

When is a person too old to need a babysitter? Florabunda is certain that she doesn't need one. How can a responsible person prove that she shouldn't be babysat? Problems with Babysitters tells how Florabunda, Tender Heart and Twinkle, handle the problems they have with babysitters.

Florabunda and the Dancing Sleepover
Florabunda and the Dancing Sleepover
Music video for Florabunda and the Dancing Sleepover
Sheet music for Florabunda and the Dancing Sleepover

A famous fairy tale begins like this:

Once upon a time there was a king who had twelve daughters.... They slept together in one room.... At night when they were lying there, the king closed their door and barred it. However, when he opened it the next morning he saw that their shoes had been danced to pieces.

The name of the story is The Shoes that were Danced to Pieces. You can find it in Grimm's Fairy Tales. At the end of the story everyone lives happily, until many years later, when twelve young princesses take a field trip to the sites of the famous story. Princess Florabunda and the Dancing Sleepover tells the story of the new adventure.

Beginning Sewing Projects

Florabunda doll tangled in a measuring tape

I like to sew but sometimes I need a little HELP! Flower Icon

Florabunda doll juggling

I use my bean bags to learn to juggle. They can also be used to play Hot Potato and for Target Toss.

Tips for Beginners
Sewing Tips Booklet

These are sewing and craft tips for beginners.

Sewing Beanbags
Beanbag pattern

This is the easiest hand sewing project on this web page.

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Sewing a Stuffed Cat
Cat pattern

This sewing project is just a little bit harder than the bean bag project.

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Sewing a Stuffed Bear
Bear pattern

This project is also a bit harder than the bean bags.

Warning bears and bees do not always get along well.

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Sewing a Stuffed Elephant
Elephant pattern

This project is a little harder than the cats and bears.

Don't forget to read the silly fable at the end of the instructions.

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Globe Pincushion
Globe Pincushion

This is the pattern for a novelty pincushion.

Kids will need help with this one. An ink jet printer and sewing machine are needed.

Easy Craft Projects

Flo with craft supplies

Try some of these craft projects. Some you can do yourself and for others you may need a little help. Drummer Icon

Spool Knittiong Projects
Spool knitting projects

Want to learn to spool knit? Here are some projects to help you get started.

Making a Tiny Butterfly Net
A tiny butterfly net

It is easy to make your small doll a butterfly net.

Don't forget to read the silly fable at the end of the instructions.

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Making a Tiny Basket
A tiny basket

Make your doll a tiny basket or two. Small dolls use them all the time.